Saturday, November 9, 2013

2013 Update: Still No Morgellons

Its November 2013 and I just wanted to let you know I'm still well. The Morgellons never came back since the day I zapped it. I hate to think of people suffering though the skin crawling itching and biting! It was so simple once I zapped it. I'm a regular user of my Terminator II for general health. I've got it on now. Feel the need to cleanse. Eating just melons, citrus and grapes for a few days along with my zapper. Feeling brand new! Get yourself a zapper.  I've been using the same Terminator II since 2009. GREAT ZAPPER!!!Clears your head and energizes you with regular use. Invest in your health and get a hold of a Zapper. has Terminator II zappers. I bought one for my mother from I'm going to test the $35 Basic Zapper from and see how it feels. It's recommended by Don Croft, the man who makes the Terminator II. The difference is that the Basic Zapper does not have the orgonite or gems inside that is supposed to work on subtle energies. It would be nice to have a cheaper alternative. If it works for me, I'll be making gifts out of them for the holidays.


  1. Is ParaZapper UZI-3 better than the ultimate zapper?

    Definately UZI-3 is better than ultimate zapper. Cause UZI-3 works with latest technology , which better than ultimate zapper. Its provide 10.5 volt output, which more effective for killing microbes. Mocrobes kill totally depends on more frequencies. UZI -3 frequencies is high level and superior Zapping ability.

    With UZI-3 has used Royal Raymond Rife's frequencies, that provide better performance. It can also use two frequencies mode, which has double chance of hitting a particular organism elimination.

    ParaZapper UZI-3

  2. The UZI-3 also includes a Terminator mode which provides the same frequency are the Treminator zapper does, except that the UZI-3 has larger contacts which can be placed farther apart. While not as convenient, this is far more effective. is the place.

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