Saturday, November 9, 2013

2013 Update: Still No Morgellons

Its November 2013 and I just wanted to let you know I'm still well. The Morgellons never came back since the day I zapped it. I hate to think of people suffering though the skin crawling itching and biting! It was so simple once I zapped it. I'm a regular user of my Terminator II for general health. I've got it on now. Feel the need to cleanse. Eating just melons, citrus and grapes for a few days along with my zapper. Feeling brand new! Get yourself a zapper.  I've been using the same Terminator II since 2009. GREAT ZAPPER!!!Clears your head and energizes you with regular use. Invest in your health and get a hold of a Zapper. has Terminator II zappers. I bought one for my mother from I'm going to test the $35 Basic Zapper from and see how it feels. It's recommended by Don Croft, the man who makes the Terminator II. The difference is that the Basic Zapper does not have the orgonite or gems inside that is supposed to work on subtle energies. It would be nice to have a cheaper alternative. If it works for me, I'll be making gifts out of them for the holidays.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


It's 2012 and my Morgellons has never returned! That is why I post so irregularly. I just don't think about it. It's a distant bad memory.

I still have sensitivities to sugar and must eat carefully because of the candida. The best thing for it seems to be a raw vegan diet. It can be a challenge to stick to. I find it easier in the summer. If I could go a year raw I'm sure I'd have no problems anymore (ie migraines). Currently, I'm eating a vegetarian diet. I was eating raw June-July. My goal is 80% raw. Baby steps. But it is my health so I must do it.

Monday, June 29, 2009


The sores you see above were on my thighs and hips and spreading upwards. My torso itched and burned and felt like I was being bitten 24/7 but no large sores. It's could make anyone seriously go insane. Especially since doctors are really not helping. Red sores were just starting to show up on my inner arm when I began zapping. After using my zapper it was as if the Morgellons was stopped dead in its' tracks, literally. All of my pores turned bright red, it was so weird! like each tiny pore had blood in it. I got really really hot and then the itching and biting just stopped! Well it went from a constant fiery assault to... wait is that it? Minor itching eventually it just stopped. Completely gone. Over the next few days tiny white bumps appeared all over my torso. It's hard to see in the photo. If you click on it it's a little better. Eventually those disappeared too. I have no scars. Morgellons was a horrible experience. I'm so thankful I found a solution so quickly. Please try a zapper if you are suffering. IT WILL HELP YOU. IT WILL!

I have had the opportunity to try 3 different Zappers over the past month. I purchased my first Zapper about five years ago from It is the 30,000 Hz Hulda Clark Zapper with Copper Handles. I have already written about the relief I found with this Zapper. I decided to buy a couple new Zappers to see if newer models were any better. I bought a Terminator II and a Zapper Z4ex from

The Z4ex came with wristbands and I ordered stainless steel handholds to go with it. I can definitively say I do not like the wristbands. They sting at times and I don't feel like wristbands offer the best conductivity. However, I am sure the stainless steel handholds are fine. I just wanted more mobility while zapping.

That is where the TerminatorII comes in. GREAT product. I see why it is a best seller. On the 2nd day of using it I noticed my entire torso was covered with tiny white raised bumps. I had read online that this is what happens when the parasites die and exit your body. I took photos which I will post. It is a little hard to see but I will post the best photos. The Terminator II is in constant contact with your skin and I think it has the best conductivity of the 3 that I have tried because of this. So, the others are good and definitely work but I recommend the Terminator II over all.

I am feeling great and I know the Zappers are the reason. The candida that had plagued me all year and spread to my brain is dying off too. I have even had a little sugar over the past few days without getting ill. This is major as I have not been able to tolerate sugar for a full year. I know sugar is bad for us whether you have Candida or not and I do not have a sweet tooth. I just have had such a strict regimen this past year it was a relief to have a bit of trail mix with M&M's in it and not get a migraine from the sugar. Sugar feeds the fungus in Candida and makes it grow rapidly. That is why I could not have it. I managed well with a restricted diet this year but it is a relief to know I am getting rid of it all with the Zapper. I will continue the healthy diet regardless.

I'm grateful for all of these health challenges because I have learned a great deal and can help others heal too. That is why I wrote this blog.

To your health and healing!

One Love

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I have been having a rough year health wise. I was diagnosed with
Candida Albicans and more recently Morgellons. All Fungi/parasitic conditions that undermine your health and infect your body through intestines and brain and lymphatic system. I control the Candida through diet(no sugar, yeast, alcohol, fermented products, limited carbs). I thought I had it under control until I was recently diagnosed with Morgellons.

Morgellons Disease is horrible!! Critters you cannot see but feel crawling all over you 24/7, biting you constantly! You get these awful lesions as they burrow into your flesh and multiply. HORRIBLE!

Well, I was diagnosed about a week or so ago before it started to get real bad. My doctor gave me antibiotics and a homeopathic salve for the pink/red circular lesions that were starting to appear. Well, the antibiotics helped a particular lesion that was infected (my fault I was experimenting before I decided to go see my doctor) but I knew it was going to make my Candida worse. The salve helped the itching initially but it seemed to make the critters spread. They did not like the salve so they just moved away from it and multiplied! And then the salve did not help at all. I was defenseless!

So I went online to research about it and was horrified to see how Morgellons progresses and that doctors can't agree on what it is and really have no cure. All I knew was that the Candida and Morgellons are both fungus and/or parasitic conditions so I knew they were connected somehow.

I read about people online who had become suicidal over this and covered in horrible scabs and scars. Some are convinced its a gov't conspiracy of little mechanical demon robots terrorizing them. I could understand the insanity once I started getting really uncomfortable. Now I am not sure about mechanical fibers attacking us but I do think it is caused by our increasingly imbalanced environment. Inside and out. All Man Made Conditions.

There was no way I was going to be able to exist like this! It felt 100% miserable. Constant crawling and itching and biting! And it was only getting worse! Fast! Ahhhgh!It began spreading up my thighs and hips rapidly. By evening it was on my inner arms. This was just the beginning and I felt horrible. Like invisible insect were constantly crawling across my skin biting me over and over and over. Red sores were literally spreading before my eyes. Really,the worst.

So I kept up the research all day and night. Thank God I came across a forum that mentioned using a Hulda Clark Zapper! I had actually bought a zapper a few years ago to kill parasites but seeing as I was relatively healthy at the time I didn't particularly feel any different after zapping and shelved it.


I took that baby out and ZAPPED for 1 hour and the itching and crawling stopped! I couldn't believe it. So I did another hour and then another while I watched a movie. A very gloomy but excellent French film, La Jetee. The next day I did 4 hours straight. I also watched another movie, Elegy with Penelope Cruz and Ben Kingsley. Loved it! Lived it! But that is another story. Well, the itching and crawling has stopped about 99.9%! I still feel a little something here and there but continued zapping for 1 month should take care of it.
My body feels a little warm too. A battle rages inside and I am winning!

I say all of this to suggest that you get one for yourself and your family ASAP. CDC says the average person carries 2lbs of parasites! Not good. We don't realize the damage they do till our immune system is compromised and then they wreak havoc. That's what happened to me. But I feel great now and it only took 2 days! I'm on day 3 now and will do it for a month according to the protocol.

I have felt that "something" was in my brain for years making it hard to concentrate and just finish a good read. Now I know I have had parasites in my brain and throughout my entire body for years.

No More! I swear upon everything I love that the Zapper works and works fast! I have suffered from chronic fatigue, brain fog, migraines and depression for a full year. Sometimes all at once sometimes one or the other. Well, I've had mild to moderate depression for a long time but it became more severe under these conditions.

After a month of zapping I may try to go without my supplements for depression to see if it was the parasites all along but I am not sure about that. I do believe parasites/fungi make it worse and hard to treat. By the way I follow Dr. Amen's simple protocol for brain health and it has helped tremendously!

Zapping is safe for children even babies. But not pregnant women or people with pacemakers. Here is some info about it. File it away if you dare but it could seriously save a life! Get one as soon as you can.

FYI: I wouldn't shell out for the fancy digital versions. The basics do the trick so I do not see the benefit.

Do your research and don't try to find the cheapest one made by joe schmo! If it is made poorly it can make you worse.

The Zapper is a small electronic device developed by   Dr. Hulda Clark and her son, Geoff Clark, that delivers an electrical current to the body of approximately 7 to 8 volts, with some units going as high as 15 volts. The distinguishing feature of a zapper is that it is designed to produce a square wave with a frequency of about 30KHz (Kilohertz) to 32KHz.  There are some units that have frequencies much lower, as low as 15Hz, and some that even have variable frequencies.  The lower frequencies are supposed to make it easier for the current to penetrate into the body and be more effective.  Regardless of the frequency used, all Clark Zappers work on the same principle of a DC current with a square wave applied to the body through the use of wrist straps, handholds, conductive bands, pads, etc. Virtually all zappers use wrist straps or handholds.  Whatever method is used to make contact, it is recommended that you routinely switch positions to different parts of the body to promote penetration of the current to all areas and extremities.

I also will continue and improve on my regimen to strengthen my immune system. I use MMS(which is amazing!)and I will incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine to repair my immune system. But there is no doubt it was the Zapper that turned my Morgellons around because that is all I had done different that day. It was such a huge difference it was unmistakably the Zapper. I feel blessed that I only suffered for a few days before I "discovered" this for myself. My heart goes out to anyone who is suffering. You do not have to suffer.

Do yourself and your loved ones a favor GET YOURSELF A ZAPPER ASAP!!!

There's No Physics Like Metaphysics!

From Don Crofts site:

All Terminator II models now have a lower frequency which other researchers have found to penetrate deeper than the frequencies generated by the original Clark design.

The TERMINATOR II has a neodimium magnet and 15Hz + a mobius coil. We've also begun substituting amethyst (purple) and garnet (crystals) for quartz. We're also using spherical crystals, which seem to have a stronger, smoother effect.

Neodimium (rare earth) magnets are much more powerful than any you can buy in a store. These are the ones you get in therapeutic devices from MLM companies. The magnet in the TERMINATOR, though, is much larger. It seems that the health benefits of magnets may be due to their orgone component. We'd like to hear the thoughts of others about that. As far as I know, Germany is the only place where the study of orgone is carried out in universities.

Mobius coils produce a very chaotic energy field when current is pulsed through them. We've found that the other components of the TERMINATOR seem to organize and focus this energy in the form of kundalini. The rare earth magnet intensifies the energy from the orgone generator, so that both kundalilni and orgone are present in greater strength. This has shown to have additional pain relief ability and an increase in awareness and vital energy, which are primary features of regular zappers.

Some care needs to be taken initially with the TERMINATOR, as this model also speeds up the body's elimination process. This happens through the skin and mucous membranes if there are lesions there. After the lesions have healed, the TERMINATOR can be worn as much as is desired without uncomfortable effects.

Early on, we discovered that simply killing parasites raises consciousness. It wasn't hard to make the connection between that and working with subtle energies. Weird science is hard science. Working with this kind of makes regular science look like simple mechanics & you might start to wonder why anyone would need to consult institutionalized scientists about this stuff.

We get a kick out of hearing the story of the mathmaticians who proved that bumble bees can't fly. I put institutionalized scientists in that category. The real pioneer work has always been done in garages and basements, not in well-equipped labs, funded by the government.

15Hz is apparently the target frequency to which the Schumann (earth) resonance has been increasing for the past several years. As of 9/21, 2000, we believe that is about 12.5Hz.

We believe that the increasing earth frequency is synonymous with the current paradigm shift taking place, so we are making that frequency available in the zapper to sort of get us used to it.


2012 UPDATE: 

IF YOU ARE STRAPPED FOR CASH, MOST OF US ARE, TRY THIS ONE:  Don Croft the maker of the Terminator II recommends the Basic Zapper for an affordable option.


Don Croft Terminator II
Modified from the original circuit published by Dr. Hulda Clark, the Terminator is manufactured by Don Croft. Don made the Terminator very small and attached the electrodes to the box. It's used by simply turning it on and putting it anywhere on the body where the electrodes can touch the skin.
Stick it in your sock against your ankle or strap it on your arm with an arm band. According to Don Croft, after an initial detox (very important!), you can use it continuously, up to 24 hours per day if need be, for very efficient and effective zapping.
Don developed a method of relaxing the body's natural defenses against electric current. This resistance makes it uncomfortable for some people to wear a zapper for very long. Don found that long periods of zapping is sometimes crucial in overcoming the more virulent parasites, such as Lyme disease and genital herpes. Other zapper makers have increased the current of their zappers in an attempt to increase their effectiveness. The result is their zapper is more effective in the short term, but is much more uncomfortable to wear, so very few people persevere with it.
The crystals used in the Terminator are a bridge between the user and the device which causes the electric current to be more compatible with the tissues. The Terminator is a totally unique product that has many wonderful features, including a Neodimium magnet, 2 spherical crystals, an Orgone generator, and a Mobius coil.


According to
Many Zappers out there seem to have some modification that in one way or another deviates from Dr. Hulda Clark's published design. For instance there are zappers out there that are digital, and Dr. Clark's design is Analog. There are several zappers out there that output a complete different frequency than what is published by Dr. Clark, and yet they still call their device a Hulda Clark Zapper.
There are only two Zapper frequencies that Dr. Clark has published to date. Dr. Clark's original circuit, the 30 kHz Zapper is the most famous. (30kHz can also be written as 30,000 Hz). Dr. Clark's latest published circuit called, the Food Zappicator has a 1000 Hz output.
So there you have it, the two choices are: 30 kHz or 1000 Hz. If you would like to experiment with the exact circuit as described in Dr. Clark's books, the "Frequency Generation" brand Zapper is a great choice.

According to Don Croft:

We challenge anyone to rationally explain why the cycle of 7/20 was recommended. We've never had a bad report from our "fellow researchers" (customers) regarding extended use of the zapper and we've worn it around the clock without any discomfort or symptoms. Anyway--Dr. Clark has finally come around to recommending long zapping sessions.
We made the zapper smaller and attached the electrodes to the box. We have had a great many responses from our customers confirming that this design, being more convenient and inconspicuous, gets adequate usage to do the job. The addition of subtle energies has even made it pleasant and energizing to wear a zapper.
Who will go through the daily ritual of holding onto the electrodes for the requisite 3 weeks, twice daily? Besides--the higher costs of most other zappers is out of range for many people.
Our goal is to mass produce these in order to reduce the cost further. We feel that the simplicity of this technology is difficult for most engineers and health professionals to comprehend.
We sell many zappers to folks who already have more expensive and complicated versions, because the ease of use of this one is hard to beat and it obviously does the same work and then some.