Thursday, June 18, 2009

There's No Physics Like Metaphysics!

From Don Crofts site:

All Terminator II models now have a lower frequency which other researchers have found to penetrate deeper than the frequencies generated by the original Clark design.

The TERMINATOR II has a neodimium magnet and 15Hz + a mobius coil. We've also begun substituting amethyst (purple) and garnet (crystals) for quartz. We're also using spherical crystals, which seem to have a stronger, smoother effect.

Neodimium (rare earth) magnets are much more powerful than any you can buy in a store. These are the ones you get in therapeutic devices from MLM companies. The magnet in the TERMINATOR, though, is much larger. It seems that the health benefits of magnets may be due to their orgone component. We'd like to hear the thoughts of others about that. As far as I know, Germany is the only place where the study of orgone is carried out in universities.

Mobius coils produce a very chaotic energy field when current is pulsed through them. We've found that the other components of the TERMINATOR seem to organize and focus this energy in the form of kundalini. The rare earth magnet intensifies the energy from the orgone generator, so that both kundalilni and orgone are present in greater strength. This has shown to have additional pain relief ability and an increase in awareness and vital energy, which are primary features of regular zappers.

Some care needs to be taken initially with the TERMINATOR, as this model also speeds up the body's elimination process. This happens through the skin and mucous membranes if there are lesions there. After the lesions have healed, the TERMINATOR can be worn as much as is desired without uncomfortable effects.

Early on, we discovered that simply killing parasites raises consciousness. It wasn't hard to make the connection between that and working with subtle energies. Weird science is hard science. Working with this kind of makes regular science look like simple mechanics & you might start to wonder why anyone would need to consult institutionalized scientists about this stuff.

We get a kick out of hearing the story of the mathmaticians who proved that bumble bees can't fly. I put institutionalized scientists in that category. The real pioneer work has always been done in garages and basements, not in well-equipped labs, funded by the government.

15Hz is apparently the target frequency to which the Schumann (earth) resonance has been increasing for the past several years. As of 9/21, 2000, we believe that is about 12.5Hz.

We believe that the increasing earth frequency is synonymous with the current paradigm shift taking place, so we are making that frequency available in the zapper to sort of get us used to it.

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