Monday, June 29, 2009


The sores you see above were on my thighs and hips and spreading upwards. My torso itched and burned and felt like I was being bitten 24/7 but no large sores. It's could make anyone seriously go insane. Especially since doctors are really not helping. Red sores were just starting to show up on my inner arm when I began zapping. After using my zapper it was as if the Morgellons was stopped dead in its' tracks, literally. All of my pores turned bright red, it was so weird! like each tiny pore had blood in it. I got really really hot and then the itching and biting just stopped! Well it went from a constant fiery assault to... wait is that it? Minor itching eventually it just stopped. Completely gone. Over the next few days tiny white bumps appeared all over my torso. It's hard to see in the photo. If you click on it it's a little better. Eventually those disappeared too. I have no scars. Morgellons was a horrible experience. I'm so thankful I found a solution so quickly. Please try a zapper if you are suffering. IT WILL HELP YOU. IT WILL!

I have had the opportunity to try 3 different Zappers over the past month. I purchased my first Zapper about five years ago from It is the 30,000 Hz Hulda Clark Zapper with Copper Handles. I have already written about the relief I found with this Zapper. I decided to buy a couple new Zappers to see if newer models were any better. I bought a Terminator II and a Zapper Z4ex from

The Z4ex came with wristbands and I ordered stainless steel handholds to go with it. I can definitively say I do not like the wristbands. They sting at times and I don't feel like wristbands offer the best conductivity. However, I am sure the stainless steel handholds are fine. I just wanted more mobility while zapping.

That is where the TerminatorII comes in. GREAT product. I see why it is a best seller. On the 2nd day of using it I noticed my entire torso was covered with tiny white raised bumps. I had read online that this is what happens when the parasites die and exit your body. I took photos which I will post. It is a little hard to see but I will post the best photos. The Terminator II is in constant contact with your skin and I think it has the best conductivity of the 3 that I have tried because of this. So, the others are good and definitely work but I recommend the Terminator II over all.

I am feeling great and I know the Zappers are the reason. The candida that had plagued me all year and spread to my brain is dying off too. I have even had a little sugar over the past few days without getting ill. This is major as I have not been able to tolerate sugar for a full year. I know sugar is bad for us whether you have Candida or not and I do not have a sweet tooth. I just have had such a strict regimen this past year it was a relief to have a bit of trail mix with M&M's in it and not get a migraine from the sugar. Sugar feeds the fungus in Candida and makes it grow rapidly. That is why I could not have it. I managed well with a restricted diet this year but it is a relief to know I am getting rid of it all with the Zapper. I will continue the healthy diet regardless.

I'm grateful for all of these health challenges because I have learned a great deal and can help others heal too. That is why I wrote this blog.

To your health and healing!

One Love


  1. How are you doing now? Still the Terminator the best?

  2. I'm still healthy! Doing Great. I killed the Morgellons with the Zapper. I still use my Terminator II regularly. I use it to manage my candida. If I feel more fatigued than usual or have eaten poorly (carbs/sugar) I zap to cleanse my system. IT WORKS! I use the Terminator II most often and deep clean with the Bob Beck Pulser made by SOTA. The Beck Pulser uses electricity to cleanse the blood. When diagnosed w/ Candida I learned that the fungus had burrowed holes through my intestines and leaked into my blood making me toxic. So cleaning my blood with the Beck Protocol really helps. My symptoms: extreme fatigue, body aches,migraines, nausea, brain fog,dry skin/hair, thinning hair. My hair has grown back & my skin is healthy. If I eat too much sugar I still get migraines so I avoid it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE TOOLS FOR GOOD HEALTH!

  3. Can we exchange emails??
    I have the terminator (1 I think with the two copper circles) and the magnapulse but not sure
    How to use them for candida. I have systemic candida and leaky
    Thank YOU! Trish

  4. It's 2012 and my Morgellons has never returned! That is why I post so irregularly. I just don't think about it. It's a distant bad memory.

    I still have sensitivities to sugar and must eat carefully because of the candida. The best thing for it seems to be a raw vegan diet. It can be a challenge to stick to. I find it easier in the summer. If I could go a year raw I'm sure I'd have no problems anymore (ie migraines). Currently, I'm eating a vegetarian diet. I was eating raw June-July. My goal is 80% raw. Baby steps. But it is my health so I must do it.

  5. Why are we hearing that electric zappers make it worse and magnetic is the oy way to go?