Thursday, June 18, 2009


I have been having a rough year health wise. I was diagnosed with
Candida Albicans and more recently Morgellons. All Fungi/parasitic conditions that undermine your health and infect your body through intestines and brain and lymphatic system. I control the Candida through diet(no sugar, yeast, alcohol, fermented products, limited carbs). I thought I had it under control until I was recently diagnosed with Morgellons.

Morgellons Disease is horrible!! Critters you cannot see but feel crawling all over you 24/7, biting you constantly! You get these awful lesions as they burrow into your flesh and multiply. HORRIBLE!

Well, I was diagnosed about a week or so ago before it started to get real bad. My doctor gave me antibiotics and a homeopathic salve for the pink/red circular lesions that were starting to appear. Well, the antibiotics helped a particular lesion that was infected (my fault I was experimenting before I decided to go see my doctor) but I knew it was going to make my Candida worse. The salve helped the itching initially but it seemed to make the critters spread. They did not like the salve so they just moved away from it and multiplied! And then the salve did not help at all. I was defenseless!

So I went online to research about it and was horrified to see how Morgellons progresses and that doctors can't agree on what it is and really have no cure. All I knew was that the Candida and Morgellons are both fungus and/or parasitic conditions so I knew they were connected somehow.

I read about people online who had become suicidal over this and covered in horrible scabs and scars. Some are convinced its a gov't conspiracy of little mechanical demon robots terrorizing them. I could understand the insanity once I started getting really uncomfortable. Now I am not sure about mechanical fibers attacking us but I do think it is caused by our increasingly imbalanced environment. Inside and out. All Man Made Conditions.

There was no way I was going to be able to exist like this! It felt 100% miserable. Constant crawling and itching and biting! And it was only getting worse! Fast! Ahhhgh!It began spreading up my thighs and hips rapidly. By evening it was on my inner arms. This was just the beginning and I felt horrible. Like invisible insect were constantly crawling across my skin biting me over and over and over. Red sores were literally spreading before my eyes. Really,the worst.

So I kept up the research all day and night. Thank God I came across a forum that mentioned using a Hulda Clark Zapper! I had actually bought a zapper a few years ago to kill parasites but seeing as I was relatively healthy at the time I didn't particularly feel any different after zapping and shelved it.


I took that baby out and ZAPPED for 1 hour and the itching and crawling stopped! I couldn't believe it. So I did another hour and then another while I watched a movie. A very gloomy but excellent French film, La Jetee. The next day I did 4 hours straight. I also watched another movie, Elegy with Penelope Cruz and Ben Kingsley. Loved it! Lived it! But that is another story. Well, the itching and crawling has stopped about 99.9%! I still feel a little something here and there but continued zapping for 1 month should take care of it.
My body feels a little warm too. A battle rages inside and I am winning!

I say all of this to suggest that you get one for yourself and your family ASAP. CDC says the average person carries 2lbs of parasites! Not good. We don't realize the damage they do till our immune system is compromised and then they wreak havoc. That's what happened to me. But I feel great now and it only took 2 days! I'm on day 3 now and will do it for a month according to the protocol.

I have felt that "something" was in my brain for years making it hard to concentrate and just finish a good read. Now I know I have had parasites in my brain and throughout my entire body for years.

No More! I swear upon everything I love that the Zapper works and works fast! I have suffered from chronic fatigue, brain fog, migraines and depression for a full year. Sometimes all at once sometimes one or the other. Well, I've had mild to moderate depression for a long time but it became more severe under these conditions.

After a month of zapping I may try to go without my supplements for depression to see if it was the parasites all along but I am not sure about that. I do believe parasites/fungi make it worse and hard to treat. By the way I follow Dr. Amen's simple protocol for brain health and it has helped tremendously!

Zapping is safe for children even babies. But not pregnant women or people with pacemakers. Here is some info about it. File it away if you dare but it could seriously save a life! Get one as soon as you can.

FYI: I wouldn't shell out for the fancy digital versions. The basics do the trick so I do not see the benefit.

Do your research and don't try to find the cheapest one made by joe schmo! If it is made poorly it can make you worse.

The Zapper is a small electronic device developed by   Dr. Hulda Clark and her son, Geoff Clark, that delivers an electrical current to the body of approximately 7 to 8 volts, with some units going as high as 15 volts. The distinguishing feature of a zapper is that it is designed to produce a square wave with a frequency of about 30KHz (Kilohertz) to 32KHz.  There are some units that have frequencies much lower, as low as 15Hz, and some that even have variable frequencies.  The lower frequencies are supposed to make it easier for the current to penetrate into the body and be more effective.  Regardless of the frequency used, all Clark Zappers work on the same principle of a DC current with a square wave applied to the body through the use of wrist straps, handholds, conductive bands, pads, etc. Virtually all zappers use wrist straps or handholds.  Whatever method is used to make contact, it is recommended that you routinely switch positions to different parts of the body to promote penetration of the current to all areas and extremities.

I also will continue and improve on my regimen to strengthen my immune system. I use MMS(which is amazing!)and I will incorporate Traditional Chinese Medicine to repair my immune system. But there is no doubt it was the Zapper that turned my Morgellons around because that is all I had done different that day. It was such a huge difference it was unmistakably the Zapper. I feel blessed that I only suffered for a few days before I "discovered" this for myself. My heart goes out to anyone who is suffering. You do not have to suffer.

Do yourself and your loved ones a favor GET YOURSELF A ZAPPER ASAP!!!


  1. I also have a Zapper and am new to morgellons - are you still doing well? And at what voltage do you zap for these parasites? I have the Hulda Clark book, but someone online thought that 450 Hz is the right voltage?

  2. How is zapping going for both of you? Which zapper is best???

  3. Please tell us if you are still "cured" and if the zapper has worked well for you!

  4. I'm still healthy! Doing Great. I killed the Morgellons with the Zapper. I still use my Terminator II regularly. I use it to manage my candida. If I feel more fatigued than usual or have eaten poorly (carbs/sugar) I zap to cleanse my system. IT WORKS! I use the Terminator II most often and deep clean with the Bob Beck Pulser made by SOTA. The Beck Pulser uses electricity to cleanse the blood. When diagnosed w/ Candida I learned that the fungus had burrowed holes through my intestines and leaked into my blood making me toxic. So cleaning my blood with the Beck Protocol really helps. My symptoms: extreme fatigue, body aches,migraines, nausea, brain fog,dry skin/hair, thinning hair. My hair has grown back & my skin is healthy. If I eat too much sugar I still get migraines so I avoid it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE TOOLS FOR GOOD HEALTH!

  5. hi ive been diagnosed with pruigo nodularis which is really morgellons probably both ive research for three years and dont mention to my dermatolegest this name im tired of feeling of alone with this disease please someone respond to my email ilove sable

  6. I have been using a zapper for years. So glad I bought one. I loaned mine to a friend with Morgellons and they are better now they intend to buy a zapper for themselves.

  7. I have a similar story. I have candida and have changed my diet and doing better but not back to normal. I believe I also have morgellons due to the fibers I've been pulling out of my skin. The itching is mild. Might get me one of these zappers.

  8. The way people describe their symptoms, morgellons must be a parasite. And while people are saying to get a zapper, a zapper is only half of the protocol. And trying to find a zapper that works better is not the answer either. The best answer is to get Hulda Clark's books, "The Cure For All Cancers" or "The Cure For All Diseases?" Her books are all about getting rid of parasites. Not only are you supposed to use a zapper, but you also have to take the medicine to kill the parasites, which she tells you where to buy in the back of her books. Her son actually owns one of the herb companies that sells the parasitic herbs. Zapping isn't the only thing you have to do. It's no wonder that people aren't having complete success by zapping only! Zapping is only part of the protocol. Hulda Clark believes all diseases and all skin diseases are caused by parasites. She says in her books that round worms cause eczema and round worms in the brain cause schizophrena. I believe her. I cured my eczema by doing her protocol. The round worms put up quite a fight. After about two weeks into the protocol, my whole body broke out in a swollen red rash. A day or two after that, I had no more eczema.

  9. this may sound utterly mad
    but after 6 months of misery
    i finally have gone thru nearly every non toxic product on the market

    finally i gave up and used some poison

    the winner
    OFF yes in 15 minutes all the slimy little fiends had ruptured
    gone titsup

    and i cried with exultation

    verily follow me to the deep or is it deet woods
    fid some bug repellent
    kill them
    then spend the next 2 years detoxifying

    im writing this after 20 minutes
    all are dead

    i have no idea whether they will return
    but for now

    i am winning

    mebbe i should peel off the 2.99 label and make another fancy one
    and sell it for 50.00 LOL

    try it
    i hope it works for you

  10. Did you try NutraSilver? It's awesome for Morgellons.

  11. Please do not spray yourself with deet! Just try the zapper.

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  13. Information for the moderator
    There is is an amazing debriding soap that works with all types of skin parasites including morgellons. What makes it so amazing is it's small particle size--6 angstroms. Compared to skin creams and soaps in general it's like comparing the size of a pebble to a big fat cat. It goes deep into the skin and releases debris.

    More information is at
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    Be energized, healthy, and well,

    Richard Kuhns B.S.Ch.E., author
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  14. Richard, you have to fix your mail so people can contact you. this does not seem very serious.

    1. those appear to be website addresses, aka an URL, not an email address.

  15. What is the Ultimate Zapper?

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    How Ultimate Zapper can help us:

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    While the ultimate zapper may have been the best of its day, that technology is almost 20 years old and leaves a lot out when compared to today’s ParaZappers, even the cheaper ones.

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  16. Zapping does work and has some amazing benefits. The is a book available at that goes far beyond what Dr. Clark tells about zappers. The site has a lot of information too.

    Another site has the best zappers and that is .

    If you want to see a chart that compares various zappers, go to . Good zapper info there too.

  17. Latest information at

  18. it's strongyloids, not morgellons you delusional fucks. Theyre barely visible so they go unnoticed. The Morgellens "Threads" are just pieces of cloth from your sweater/jacked entering into one of the burrows/exits of the larval stage (they crawl through your body up out your skin then molt, this is the "crawling" sensation.

    Srsly. With about 5-10 hours of online research, its extremely likely that people who have Morgellons are actually just riddled with parasites and have no idea because blood tests need to be specific for each parasite.

    I currently have strongyloids. I get the exact same symptoms as morgellons, including "weird fibers coming out of skin". There's no conspiracy, the only conspriacy is the massive amounts of money people are making by manipulating your mind.

    TLDR; Just fucking get checked for tropical parasites. Even if you have not traveled to the tropics. I contracted this simply by having a friend sit in my chair for an hour.

    1. Wow.....that's the way you talk to people? Surprised you have any friends at all....

    2. You are wrong, and it is obvious by your rage. People are getting these out of their face, which was never covered by a 'sweater'....out of the palms of their hands.etc.There is a world of difference between these Morg fibers and lint that comes off of clothing. When you collect the fibers and put them into a baggie they Shake like sand you can hear them. They're tough they're made of keratin, cellulose and heavy metals. not at all what lint is made out of.

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